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blueocean market intelligence is a next-generation services organization with a deep focus on analytics, market intelligence and social media, all uniquely delivered under one roof by 650 plus professionals. We serve many of the world’s largest and most respected companies representing an array of industries and business sectors.

Since we live in a highly dynamic and multi-dimensional world, blueocean market intelligence believes that the most effective business decisions come from the synthesis of market information and not from one-dimensional data sources.

Our 360 Discovery TM process insures the comprehensive utilization of all available structured and unstructured data sources, enabling us to bring the best to bear against each project. By combining the talent, speed and cost benefit of a flat world, along with our scalable delivery model, we are able to achieve a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of the market at the delivery speed and price advantage that today’s business climate demands.

data analytics

Companies wanting to compete effectively in an ever-increasing data rich world know they need smart and well-planned data analytics to gain immense value from data. Based on a blended outsourcing model, a deep understanding of data and statistical techniques and unparalleled domain expertise, we draw deep insights and meaning from structured and unstructured data, and increase its value through innovative visualization and reporting solutions.

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market intelligence

We believe true market intelligence can only come from well-grounded, thoughtful and triangulated views of information. Our approach focuses heavily on information synthesis, leveraging our capabilities in primary market research, business research, analytics and social media intelligence to deliver a broad and complete picture of customers.

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social media

Our social media solution allows companies to embrace and institutionalize social media, and cut through the clutter to find the key business themes that matter – the ones upon which your company can either grow revenue or reduce costs. We provide a unique end-to-end answer that seamlessly integrates social intelligence and business processes, enabled by a responsive ‘social ecosystem,’ to deliver transformational and measurable business impact.

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our history

Founded in 2000 as Cross-Tab Marketing Services, blueocean market intelligence has always been at the forefront of market intelligence and intelligent marketing. We were among the first market research companies to capitalize on the internet to obtain consumer feedback. We then evolved into a leading marketing research outsourcing organization. Today, we are a diverse group of companies with over 650 professionals specializing in data analytics, market intelligence, social media, mobile and emerging markets.

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