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blueocean's data Analytics Solution Center is your single source for all your business problems and consultative data driven analytical needs. We strongly believe in combining the strengths of research as well as complex data diagnostics to provide unique solutions to your business needs. In fact, we are proud to be amongst the few players in the industry that provide comprehensive, detail oriented and customized end-to-end solutions to clients.

Together with our advanced analytical capabilities, great team and in-house expertise on the latest statistical tools and techniques, we believe in thinking outside-the-box and providing simple workable solutions to difficult business problems. Our goal is to earn your loyalty by developing implementable solutions to your problems, instead of unraveling a great deal of mined data with little take-aways or recommendations. Our data analytics solutions also include the predictive angle, where we extrapolate data from current conditions, to help chart out future roadmaps for clients.


blueocean defines analytics as "the management and utilization of disparate data using mathematics/statistics and business/domain expertise to derive actionable insights and drive business results." Analytics components are broadly comprised of data management, reporting, benchmarking, basic analysis, advanced analytics, including predictive analytics (Competing on Analytics, Davenport and Harris, 2007). Our special focus is on advanced (predictive) analytics and industry-specific business solutions.

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core value propositions

Business results – We are focused on delivering business results for clients. We combine our deep understanding of data and mathematical/statistical techniques with our understanding of business problem with the use of appropriate domain and business expertise. This helps us identify key insights and deliver actionable recommendations back to your business.

Analytics as a service – We bring together people, process and technology/infrastructure on a service platform to deliver our value proposition.

Disparate data – In today's world where majority of data is unstructured, we combine and integrate structured and unstructured data (free flowing text, voice recordings, email and chat, social media) to deliver more holistic and authentic insights for our clients.

Flexible commercial model – We accommodate our clients' needs and offer different commercial models. We can link our commercials to the business results delivered by us. Organizations benefit from outsourcing their analytics requirements to us, as it helps them focus more intensively on their core business model, with quality market intelligence support from us.


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