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customer analytics

Strategic customer analytics can enhance customer engagement. Therefore, we approach customer analytics with a focus on improving customer engagement by delivering better customer experience, achieving a higher return on satisfied customers, and increasing customer loyalty. We use different types of data from traditional demographic and behavioural transactions to multi-channel customer communications, most of which is unstructured. We offer various component solutions in this area including new acquisition, cross sell and up sell, attrition/churn management, loyalty management, campaign analytics and customer contact analytics.

marketing analytics

As companies employ new ways to communicate with their end customers, it becomes imperative to measure the return on marketing dollars spent, and at a channel level and product level. blueocean offers various solutions to analyze and measure the effectiveness of your marketing, including return on marketing investment (ROMI), market mix modeling, simulated price modelling, promotion analytics and product analysis.

market research analytics

Besides having a comprehensive spectrum of wide ranging analytical offerings, blueocean as a niche player in market research also takes pride in providing best-in-class deep dive analytical offerings on survey/primary data keeping in mind the client’s business needs. Since this is a comprehensive end-to-end process that entails conceptualizing the research design, implementing and gathering requisite data and running for specific diagnostics through complex mathematical models, the insights and recommendations that come through are often highly valued by our clients.

special focus areas

blueocean also offers more specialized solutions, which are topical in nature and cater to recent socio-economic trends in the marketplace. They include:

  • Collections (B2C and B2B/accounts receivables)
  • Social network analytics (especially relevant for the telecommunications industry and fraud management)
  • Social media analytics
  • Real time sales analytics
  • Smart BI and Dashboard solution


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