blueocean extension teams for market research

Corporate Insights and Market Research Departments are under more pressure than ever to deliver results that impact boardroom decisions and to become trustworthy consultants to their business, going beyond the presentation of survey results.

As managers strive to deliver actionable insights and secure a "seat at the table," they are faced with enormous challenges:

how can extension teams help?

blueocean's xTenTM teams can enable you to dramatically increase your focus on what truly matters to your business.

We increase the agility and value of your department by extending your team with dedicated resources that are staffed to meet your requirements and to closely align with your business objectives. Our teams work in partnership with our clients, handling day-to-day research and data-synthesis activities, thereby enabling our clients to focus on the factors that ultimately drive business success.

blueocean successfully operates extension teams for a wide array of Fortune 100 firms, delivering significant incremental value, at significant cost savings, and adding materially to our clients' capacity and capability.


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