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Competition today is more intense, complex, and multi-dimensional than ever before. Being fully aware of competitive activity, and being a step ahead is critical for the success and even survival of organizations.

blueocean's competitive intelligence solutions offer unique value based on two critical differentiators:

360 DiscoveryTM Approach to competitive intelligence which synthesizes information from multiple sources, such as company reports, syndicated and secondary data, data analytics reports, primary research, social media, providing a comprehensive view of the competitor that goes beyond competitor profiling and market share analysis. Our goal to help you calibrate your offerings and go-to-market strategies against the competition, and discover new opportunities and strategies to help you gain traction.

Continuous market and competitor tracking and multi-modal intelligence delivery. Our team of experienced market and competitive intelligence analysts continually track developments in the marketplace and competitor activity. This enables us to generate specific deliverables that can address the needs of different stakeholders in your company – ranging from quick competitive alerts delivered in real-time to competitive deep dives.



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