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market landscape and opportunity assessment

A comprehensive understanding of the market place is the foundation for all business decisions. A true market landscape analysis involves understanding the market structure, size and growth rates, consumer needs and need gaps, competition and the broader political-regulatory environment. blueocean's Market Opportunity Assessment helps you answer the question "Is the market attractive for us and if so, where are the opportunities?" and builds upon our market landscape analysis offering, addressing key questions such as:

  • What is the structure of this market?
  • What is the market size? What is the growth? What drives growth?
  • What are the key segments? How are they growing?
  • Who are the customers and what do they want?
  • Who are the competitors? What are their offerings, SWOT, and go-to-market strategies?
  • What are the opportunities?

blueocean's market landscape and opportunity analysis is designed to address such information needs with a fully integrated solution. Using our 360 Discovery TM approach, we synthesize information from syndicated reports, secondary data, primary research studies, social media intelligence, industry experts, internal data and other sources to provide a complete picture of the market. Client reviews and consultation, led by senior market analysts with strong domain expertise, are a key element of our approach, ensuring that the final assessment not only provides fully validated market data, but deeper insights. Our approach ensures that every data point and inference go through multiple validations while leveraging a variety of sources.

Our project teams are drawn from a pool of over 200 analysts consisting of a mix of research specialists and domain experts and bring proficiency in primary market research, data analytics, social intelligence, visualization, storytelling and consulting. We deliver solutions and actionable insights within very short timeframes that help you to assess opportunities and develop strategies to succeed. We can engage both ad-hoc projects and continuous/modular programs, which involve ongoing market tracking and periodic updates, ensuring you get significant long-term value.

trends analysis

Over the past decade, macro events have caused fundamental shifts in global markets, products, and consumers. We can expect future cycles to be even faster and more disruptive, as new technologies drive rapid innovation and a flat-world. To remain in the game, companies must transform their trend identification, analysis, and activation process into one that provides implications and recommendations at a speed and cost that today's business cycles demand.

Ideas on what the future will hold are abundant – the challenge is in developing a scalable way to harvest ideas, separate the best nuggets from the noise, and apply smart analysis to synthesize multiple points of view into a compelling, cohesive story.

blueocean tackles your business issue using a multi-disciplinary team of experts, who specialize in mining, synthesizing and analyzing trend information found in syndicated reports, secondary data, primary research studies, social media, and legal/regulatory channels. Our 360 Discovery TM approach provides you with a more complete picture of what the pundits believe lies ahead. By triangulating multiple sources, we give you greater confidence in your recommendations, so your organization can make better business decisions with confidence, at a faster pace, and at a lower cost.

usage and attitudes

In a dynamic and complex marketplace with continuous shifts in consumer behavior and consumption patterns, an understanding of the actions and motivations of consumers is key in staying on top of trends.

Consistent with our fundamental 360 Discovery TM philosophy, blueocean takes your traditional usage and attitude studies to a higher level. Not only do we partner with your organization to develop primary research to help understand product/brand usage in the marketplace or your specific category and the attitudes and perceptions that might affect consumer behavior within your category of interest, we augment the information gathered from primary research using our skilled secondary and social media analysts. Our business research and social media analysts scour public domain information as well as any proprietary or syndicated information of interest, and social networking sites to harvest any relevant “real-time” information that can add context, clarification and “real-life” texture to the quantitative research findings.

Monitoring the marketplace and understanding your consumers' usage of products within your category and attitude towards your and competitive brands will enable you to apply strategic insights to help grow your brands and business. blueocean's customized usage and attitude studies help companies assess their market presence/awareness; market penetration; brand strength and extendibility; offer appeal; and many other relevant measures. This level of insight goes beyond simple question-and-answer reporting to deliver a more well-rounded action plan that can help your organization define – and own – a market position that is meaningful to your customers, develop targeted marketing strategies that are relevant to the needs of consumers, resonate with potential customers and reveal a differentiating product offer.

market segmentation

blueocean's approach to market segmentation goes beyond basic demographics. We encompass psychographic variables (attitudes, lifestyle) and behavioral variables (usage levels, benefits sought, brand loyalty) in our market segmentation solutions.

Our attitudinal segmentation work goes a step beyond identifying who consumers are based on their demographic profile alone. It takes into account what they think and how they feel. We create distinct consumer segments by grouping consumers with similar attitudes and opinions. Using behavior, perceptions, and lifestyle as profiling variables, we help you develop deep knowledge of your segments and tailored strategies to address the needs of each segment you wish to connect with and target. Sometimes, however, just segmenting your consumers doesn't give you the full picture you need from a product development standpoint. You may need information on how consumers specifically use products, what needs motivate each of their usage occasions, and what benefits they seek in the products they choose for each specific situation they find themselves in. Because the use of product, the needs that drive usage, and the benefits sought can vary by usage occasion, blueocean has developed an approach that allows us to collect information on hundreds if not thousands of usage occasions, associated needs and desired benefits. Using a variety of statistical techniques, we then segment the usage occasions based on these situational needs.

With our approach to needs-based segmentation, we identify the underlying reasons that drive behavior, including needs (functional and emotional), situational context (who, where, when), product benefits and outcome measures. We then map these needs back to the consumer segments to add a deep and multi-dimensional view of the consumer.

shopper insights

Leading companies are actively using shopper insights to bring the voice of the consumer into their retailer strategies and selling stories. blueocean's shopper insight intelligence focuses on the in-store or near-store behavior of the consumer and the factors within the retail environment that influence purchase behavior. Using our 360 DiscoveryTM approach, our teams synthesize information from a variety of relevant sources to provide a complete picture of the market. Techniques we commonly employ include online surveys, shop-a-longs, focus groups, secondary research, syndicated studies, and advanced analytics such as TURF analysis, Discrete Choice and Max-Diff modeling.

Our shopper insight studies can help you assess:

  • Impact of in-store promotions
  • How consumers plan and execute their shopping trips (Path to Purchase)
  • Impact of potential assortment changes
  • Category usage and buyer attitudes
  • Customer shopping habits across various retailers at during key buying seasons

behavioral data

blueocean specializes in diary-based behavioral studies tailored to understand consumer attitudes, needs and benefit drivers at an occasion level. Collecting multiple occasion data for each respondent yields a richer, more robust longitudinal data set. For each usage we collect information ranging from specific elements touched, used or consumed during the occasion, the needs driving the occasion and the benefits sought from the products and brands used in the occasion, along with a variety of information related to where and when the occasion occurred, specific situational behaviors and who the occasions were shared with.

Our behavior diaries provide rich information and a robust number of data points, which ultimately provides an exceptionally clear view of both the minimum product features for success in a category, and the market drivers – the greatest opportunities for innovation and differentiation. From this investigation comes insights into all forms of strategy, new product development, positioning and portfolio analysis.

In addition to diary based behavioral data harvesting and analysis, blueocean also has deep expertise in various types of advanced analytics around vast amounts of behavioral data that your organization may collect over time. Our "big data" analytics experts are able to work with all types of transactional and behavioral data from a multitude of platforms and produce management dashboards, ongoing reports, and strategic insights through highly advanced data mining and modeling techniques. For more information check our "big data analytics" capabilities.


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