social media – proactive customer relationship

flip the Customer Service funnel

Our social intelligence led customer service solution enables brands to reach out to the customer on their preferred channels, thereby, flipping the traditional reactive approach to a proactive one. This not only builds customer delight, but also activates customer participation on self–help portals and communities to resolve current issues and build personalized solutions specific customer needs.

The social intelligence piece of our customer service will gradually switch your customer base to effective communication channels like self-service portals and communities for resolution of simple issues.

How to have a healthy and open communication with customers on social media

what will we do?

  • Transform reactive customer service to proactive customer service
  • Transition users to a self-service model & build newer channels of brand access
  • Strengthen relationships with customers through better & easier customer experience via co-creation
  • Plug the gaps of customer service proactively by capturing insights on social media before snowball effect


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