Social Media Effectiveness Index (SEI)

Social Media Effectiveness Index (SEI)

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In today’s 24/7 business environment, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture and keep the attention of customers.  Custom and targeted content has allowed organizations to reach and segment customer groups based on their age, income, tastes, preferences, purchase patterns, etc.

A leader in delivering strategic, integrated data intelligence from social and secondary digital media sources, Blueocean Market Intelligence offers a proprietary “Digital Geo Targeting Solution” to clients across industry verticals. This solution allows organizations, especially retailers, to create differential campaigns and capture real-time intelligence with a focus on external variables (like weather, inflation rates, fuel prices, stock updates.) It integrates seamlessly with existing digital and social media tactics – PPC and SEM, organic search and display advertising to create a personalized user experience for customers depending on their location.


Our Geo Targeting Solution is based on four key techniques, which helps marketers achieve improved performance of paid media campaigns and generate incremental ROI from new and existing campaigns. Other benefits:

Gain a competitive advantage

  • Produce real-time alerts around weather, fuel prices, inflation index or market changes to create intelligence for campaign types

  • Identify opportunities for disruptive marketing campaigns

  • Create scientific process of launching campaigns based on external factors / variables opposed to “gut feelings”

Innovation with targeted campaigns

  • Launch custom campaigns based on customer location and weather variables

  • Higher ROI from campaigns since promotions planned as per market demands and needs

  • Create persona based campaigns which can be seamlessly integrated into organizations’ existing segmentation

  • Campaign triggered down or dialled up (scaling up, scaling down and complete pause) depending on time of day, weather, fuel price, stock indexes, inflation rates, etc.

Improved business performance

  • Campaign innovation leads to higher conversion rates

  • Higher brand and category visibility

  • Robust customer segmentation based on actual customer behaviour and history, beyond the usual price and income based profiles

Often, the location of your visitor is far more important than his or her browser, screen resolution or keyword used. Not only does geo targeting enable you to match the most relevant content to your visitor, it also acts as an excellent foundation for experimenting with traffic to optimize path to purchase journeys, thus ensuring significant gains in conversions and revenue over time.