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social intelligence is the new driver of superior business performance

Executives must be empowered with insights captured on social media to drive effective business decisions. Social Intelligence is fast becoming the driver for improving customer service operations, marketing efforts and product development apart from driving effectiveness in other business processes across the organization. Our Social Intelligence solution empowers you to extract new value from insights captured on social media space.

Various Aspects Covered Under Social Media Intelligence & Consequent Opportunities


We use best-of-breed enterprise class tools to listen to conversations from over 250 million sources. This is further refined by skilled analysts, using advanced text-mining tools, to improve accuracy to >95% levels. This is further synthesized by experienced analysts and using best-in-class tools/methodologies to:

  • Remove noise
  • Refine sentiment (negative, positive, neutral)
  • Structure information into themes
  • Identify demographic factors of the authors
  • Identify top languages and countries
  • Identify key sites and communities hosting these conversations

actionable insights

Domain experts with the aid of rigorous statistical models derive:

  • Your brand perception on the web
  • Key drivers of conversation around the market and competitor brands
  • Causes of negative and positive brand mentions
  • Recommendations for your brand driven by our analysis
  • Identification of issues and opportunities

what do you get?

  • Gain intelligence about your customers and reach out to the ones who need help
  • Act on the insights that we provide and respond to customer feedback
  • Know what customers think about your competitors to strategize ahead of the game
  • Receive early signals of brand disasters on social media and be prepared to defuse PR firestorms


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