Data Integration

The data revolution has led to creation of massive amounts of data and information being available to corporations. However this data is scattered across disparate systems and organizational siloes and poses challenges of volume, variety and veracity. In order to remain competitive and meet growing customer demands, companies must have access well as leverage. Without effective data integration strategies and tools, companies simply can't use their information stores in a successful fashion, which can stall the decision-making process and prevent companies from achieving a unified view of their customers, competitors and markets.

The first step towards holistic business and consumer intelligence is getting your data organized, usable and in a single location. Blueocean Market Intelligence's approach to integration consists of three steps:

  1. Data Discovery
    1. Identification of relevant data sources
    2. Audit of available data
  2. Data Extraction and Data Integration
    1. Data management, cleaning and ETL
    2. Creation of Data Marts
    3. Link system to integrate survey and syndicated data sources
    4. Big Data management
  3. Data Collection
    1. Customer surveys
    2. Business and secondary research
    3. Social media mining

Next Step: Multidisciplinary Approach