360 Discovery

Meeting the Key Challenges of Today with a Transformative, 360 Approach

We live in a multi-dimensional world, and sound business decisions come not from data sources kept in silos, but rather from the synthesis of information.  Corporations understand the value of synthesized information, but are rarely equipped to triangulate information from multiple data streams available in the age of big data.   In a world with increasingly larger volumes and complexity of data, it is essential to have a well-triangulated and holistic view of information that originates from sources as diverse as customer surveys, sales transactions, customer support feedback, social channels, online feedback, personal customer interactions, and many others.

Blueocean Market Intelligence enables companies to meet the key challenges of today with a transformative and holistic approach, we call 360 Discovery, which produces true intelligence designed to deliver.

  • Supporting confident, data-driven decisions in a world of information explosion
  • Driving business impact to the topline and bottom line
  • Addressing the constant pressure to do more with less with amplified return on investment and attribution
  • Providing increased scalability, speed and global reach
  • Allowing you to thrive (not just survive) in the digital, social and mobile world

To help you realize an authentic 360 view of your customers, competitors and markets, Blueocean Market Intelligence follows a simple, yet calculated approach using all available data and information sources:

  1. Identify data sources relevant to a business problem, and then organize and integrate to prepare for analytics and synthesis. Learn more
  2. Apply a diagnostic approach that involves analytics and synthesis of disparate streams of data requiring diverse skill-sets, data scientists, critical thinkers and deep domain expertise. Learn more
  3. Drive business impact to the topline and bottom line. Insights support superior decision-making through visualization and reporting solutions, or through direct implementation in organizational systems. Learn more

Companies that prosper, despite evolving customer behaviors and attitudes and intense competitive pressures, aren't those that have the most data - instead the ones who manage and use it best.  We are proud to help you lead the way to organizational and strategic transformation.