About Us

Blueocean Market Intelligence is a global analytics and insights provider that helps corporations realize a 360-degree view of their customers through data integration and a multi-disciplinary approach to enable sound, data-driven business decisions.

Our 360 Discovery approach comprehensively leverages all available structured and unstructured data sources to provide an integrated, 360-degree view of the data. We enable enhanced data-driven decision support through a diligent combination of analytics, domain expertise, engineering and visualization skills.

Our portfolio of services, solutions and products helps companies across industries to:

  • Understand their markets better
  • Understand their customers better
  • Assess and enhance the performance of their marketing mix
  • Draw insights from data management and big data analytics 

Leading global companies across industry sectors using our innovative services, solutions and platforms have achieved enhanced financial growth, better strategic decisions based on 360 views of their markets and competition, and improved customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention.

Cross-Tab Group

Blueocean Market Intelligence is part of the Cross-Tab group of companies (Cross-Tab Marketing Services and Borderless Access Panels) that includes more than 1,000 professionals serving the world's largest companies from offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Dubai and India.

Cross-Tab Marketing Services, a leader in market research outsourcing and management of end-to-end market research operations.


Borderless Access Panels, a specialist in emerging markets research with market research panels and online communities in emerging geographies.

Blueocean Market Intelligence has implemented the ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management System and been successfully audited by RINA on ISO 27001:2005 certification.