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What if you can make a strategic business decision based on recommended actions derived from past performance, current conditions, and desired outcomes? Predictive Analytics enables to not only foresee the specific behaviors or activities but also to interpret weak signals for early warning regarding such incidences. Early identification of potential patterns and trends has the potential to significantly influence the decision-making at every level as well as make organizations gain an edge in an ever growing competitive landscape.

Through our advanced data science approach which combines predictive analytical solution and real time deployments, we create value for our clients by showing them the optimal way to handle a future situation. Our prescriptive analytics solutions are leveraged by world's largest organizations across industries to mitigate the risk in strategic decision making and improve profitability, increase customer satisfaction, and create first-in-market opportunities by embarking on the promise of big data.

We have answers to a wide array of solutions in the area of pricing, customer lifecycle management, marketing, resource optimization, risk management, forecasting and customer experience problems. We provide you with sophisticated solutions covering key areas of customer, marketing and digital analytics using advanced statistical approaches.

One of our key focus areas for our Advanced Analytics practice is unstructured data; where we have created solutions to handle analyze unstructured data, like Text, Voice, Image and Telemetry data. This is an area where we deploy our Machine Learning and AI capabilities to mine voluminous unstructured data.

We pride ourselves in being technology agnostic, and support a variety of technology platforms to suit your requirements.With deep rooted experience in analytics tools like SAS, R, Python, SPSS & SQL, complimented with our capabilities in NLP (natural language processing), and machine learning techniques, our teams of data scientists and machine learning specialists have developed a wide array of business focused solutions.

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