Analytics Center of Excellence

Blueocean Market Intelligence's Analytics Center of Excellence is a centralized digital analytics framework which acts as a lifeline for our digital business and is a core part of developing our client's digital strategies. With the help of our Analytics Center of Excellence framework, we collaborate with our clients throughout their digital maturity journey beginning with their data foundation on a big data cloud to building actionable data visualizations and solving business critical problems using data science.

Our Analytics Center of Excellence framework is steered and managed by a large team of seasoned digital experts, who carry a highly diversified and multi-lingual persona, and come with rich experience in the digital ecosystem both from technology and business perspective. Below are the five key building blocks of framework:

With the help of our consultative team, we can help you create or transform your digital strategy with a customized framework based on your business objectives, target audience, product and customer lead cycle, investment towards building a scalable and robust digital infrastructure, and most importantly, ongoing operational challenges.

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Assisted a B2B retailer to create product bundles and develop pricing strategies so as to increase the revenue through upsell /cross-sell

Industry : Retail

Automating the data categorization process with predictive models

Industry : Information Technology

Identifying major web and video conferencing application themes with the use of text clustering

Industry : Information Technology

Gained customer experience insights from conversations using advanced text analytics and machine learning techniques

Industry : Information Technology

Determining sales impact from an advanced product substitute with advanced analytics

Industry : Information Technology

Gained customer experience insights captured in customer conversations

Industry : Information Technology

Reporting automation and analytics ecosystem

Industry : Life Sciences

Large PC vendor optimized marketing mix to maximize ROI from marketing channels using insights gained from digital analytics

Industry : Information Technology

Large telco achieved greater revenues by integrating and analyzing 500+ data points of 200+ million customers

Industry : Telecommunications

Large technology vendor improved customer feedback capture from text data across multiple communication channels

Industry : Information Technology

Large PC manufacturer achieved significant revenue growth by integrating omni-channel data for better insights

Industry : Information Technology

Fortune 100 technology giant improved customer satisfaction through better complaint classification usng text analytics

Industry : Information Technology

Global hi-tech and cloud solutions provider doubled ROI from digital campaigns with automated omni-channel reporting system

Industry : Information Technology

Leading PC manufacturer enhanced forecast and campaign attribution accuracy with analytical measurement system

Industry : Information Technology

Helped a global technology vendor integrate data from multiple communication channels for more effective campaigns

Industry : Information Technology

Fortune 500 technology company improved funnel conversation through enhanced decision making with integrated dashboards

Industry : Information Technology

Leading food processing company leveraged unstructured data analytics to understand customer attitudes

Industry : Consumer Goods and Services

Global B2B and B2C technology vendor improved cross and up selling with unified digital customer view

Industry : Information Technology