Analytics Cloud Infrastructure


While scaling infrastructure to new data and digital technologies, organizations continue to deliberate on the cloud versus on premise data dilemma. Business leaders are cautious about the value of new investments to their business and marketing stack. Rather than make upfront capital investments in new platforms, they prefer to test, experiment, learn from, and optimize infrastructure on the go.

Blueocean's Analytics Cloud Infrastructure services help organizations assess their data in terms of functionality, latency, and security requirements and integrate their systems with cloud infrastructure services provided by Microsoft, Amazon, Google, or others. Whether an organization leans towards an all-cloud model or a hybrid model, Blueocean's Analytics Cloud Infrastructure services help manage the entire data configuration, integration, storage, security, function, and sustenance. Through a comprehensive capability kit of prebuild data connectors, accelerators, best practices, out-of-box configuration recommendation engines, analytics models, and advanced data security principles and guidelines, Blueocean helps organizations optimize the end-to-end efficiency of their data infrastructure across cloud and premise systems.


End-to-end Cloud Infrastructure Setup

Setting up a pure play cloud infra and hybrid, managing the entire data integration and forward journey, optimizing the entire data framework

Platform and Tool Agnostic Approach

Strong domain capabilities to setup sub-components across infrastructure providers (Microsoft, Amazon, Google, or others)for meeting business requirements and cost optimization

Comprehensive Framework

Prebuild data connectors, accelerators, best practices, analytics models, multi-specialized analyst teams, advanced data security principles and guidelines

Our Accelerators 

Infrastructure blueprints aligned to meet business objectives and analytics maturity plans

A comprehensive and evolving POV (point of view) on how organizations should adopt data strategy keeping in mind security, business, legal, and quality compliance requirements

Pre-built connectors for major industry platforms, API, and data bridges to enable quick scaling in data ingestion phase


Out-of-box data models or micro services to serve different business needs

For optimizing costs and managing scale as per business need


business impact 

  • Lower capital investment, reduced data center infrastructure costs, agility, and scalability associated with cloud infrastructure
  • Seamless integration of data in a hybrid model that caters to control, visibility, regulatory, and security requirements
  • Business continuity in an changing business environment

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