Business Intelligence and Visualization


When stories from data are expressed in ways that answer vital business questions, they provide unifying direction for strategy and action.

At Blueocean Market Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Data Visualization solutions are focused on storytelling that is business relevant. The storytelling is driven not by format but the story that is needed for business and the use of formats best suited to deliver that story. Starting with the unique goals and challenges of a business, Blueocean's business intelligence (BI) teams collaborate with in-house BI and IT teams to aggregate, blend, enrich and profile all the structured and unstructured data from disparate sources, and assimilate it to the data infrastructure. A team of visualization experts, insights specialists, and data storytellers then put together actionable dashboards, scorecards, custom reports, and visuals (infographics, videos, etc.) based on internal audience needs, communication preferences, and industry benchmarks.


BI Strategy and Consulting

Establishing BI frameworks for organizations, implementation of the BI frameworks, and setting up BI governance

Insight Development

Storyboarding to define the end result and templates ,and setting up agile insights programs that allow organizations to consume data on need basis

Hypothesis Testing

Enabling scenario planning, deep dives, and BI hackathons


Knowledge Management

Implementation of BI Knowledge Management practices with project management, creation of knowledge repository ,and benchmarking of current BI initiatives

Infrastructure and Data Management

Consulting for and implementation of the right infrastructure, technology, and best practices of data management to optimize BI performance


Our Accelerators 

A comprehensive one stop analytics collaboration platform to enable effective consumption of BI

Industry and business domain specific best practices and approaches to data management, visualization, and storytelling requirements

Diverse points of view and visualization on standard industry platforms such as Power BITM, TableauTM, Qlik TM, MicroStrategy TM, CognosTM , SisenseTM , Business ObjectTM , D3.js, Oracle Business Intelligence (BI)TM or other delivery formats such as videos, infographics, etc.

business impact 

  • Big picture clarity from massive amounts of data from varied sources, recieved real time or on need basis
  • Critical insights at a glance, customizable across business functions and requirements
  • Sound data driven business decisions
  • Competitive advantage through early insights on market and consumer pulse


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