Business Intelligence and Visualization

Blueocean Market Intelligence approaches business intelligence and data visualization with a focus on storytelling. Impactful storytelling is about the art of "understanding the context," and "articulating that big idea" in order to connect with your audience, then motivate and compel them to act.

Our process starts with a comprehensive data discovery workshop involving key decision makers, influencers and your internal enablers. We focus exclusively on understanding what you care about - your motivation,goals, operational challenges, roadmaps and most importantly, communications preferences and format.

After this workshop, we involve our business intelligence team who collaboratively with your in-house BI and IT Team to assist you in aggregating, blending, enriching and profiling the structured, semi-structured and un-structured data coming from disparate sources. To handle this kind of cross-functional data, coming in either batches or as a real-time data stream, requires a team of solution consultants, data architects, schema builders, datawarehouse specialists, ETL experts, data visualization experts, insights specialists and storytellers. At Blueocean Market Intelligence, we have a large team of seasoned data professionals, who are proficient in building, managing and supporting both cloud-based and on-premise data infrastructures.

Once the data infrastructure is prepared, our visualization experts, insights specialists along data storytellers put together actionable dashboards, scorecards and custom reports based on internal audience needs, and reconcile based on the initially designed prototypes.

So you can better understand our business intelligence framework and engagement, here is a sample of our workflow process.

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