Big Data Engineering


Blueocean's Big Data Engineering services provide holistic solutions to enable data transition in different phases: Data at Rest, Data in Motion, Data in Process, and Data in Consumption. These services focus on enabling business decisions by using appropriate methodologies to define data practices. Blueocean has helped clients integrate and organize large volumes of structured and unstructured data. This includes primary and secondary research data, transaction data, organization data (finance, marketing, product, customer, employees, etc.), log files, system generated data, web data and social media data (text, image, video, and speech). Big Data Engineering helps businesses better align their strategy with business objectives and respond faster to threats and opportunities.


Engineering on Any Type of Infrastructure

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), or on Premise

Technology Agnostic Approach

Capabilities across the data tech stack to enable ingestion through transformation and consumption

Holistic Data Management

Data practices and solutions across different data stages (Rest, In Motion, In Process, and Consumption)

Business Approach to Data Engineering

Focus on maximizing business outcomes from data rather than creating a data dump

Data Governance Practices

Industry best practices and approaches around metadata, data quality, and data security

Industry Domain Relevance

Industry specific approach to data engineering and practices for efficient information management

Our Accelerators 

Pre-built data connectors to most industry recognized platforms and technologies, enabling quick data integration at scale

Industry tested strategy framework for managing information across organizational needs

In-house COE to bring in capabilities for quicker deployments

business impact 

  • Faster time to market with effective information management practices
  • Faster response to opportunities and threats
  • Enhanced ROI on analytics initiatives
  • Cost effective alternatives to further in-house investments in data warehousing and data mart infrastructure

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