Brand Equity

We adopt a holistic approach to brand equity as seen from the consumer point of view. Our brand equity measurement system, which results in a Brand Potential 360 Index, covers a set of key dimensions that can affect the equity of any brand. Our Brand Potential 360 model broadly follows the approach proposed by David Aaker1, which we have further strengthened using insights gathered from years of experience in helping organizations quantify their brand equity.

Our model utilizes key "global" measures of a brand's performance, accounting for both perceptual and behavioral constructs.

On the perceptual side, our Brand Potential 360 Index incorporates a consumer's assessment of a brand across the following key constructs:

In addition, two key behavioral metrics are folded into the development of our index, namely:

  • Willingness to pay a premium for the brand
  • Willingness to evangelize the brand

Our Brand Potential 360 Index combines consumer feedback on the above perceptual and behavioral metrics with current market conditions. We utilize information on brand penetration and loyalty among owners, and information on awareness, familiarity, consideration, and purchase likelihood, to create a robust composite index that reflects a brand's potential in the market vis-a-vis that of its key competitors.In addition to measuring a brand's equity, which can be tracked over time, our system is also engineered to provide a robust decision support system through the identification of key factors that drive the index. A brand's equity is then derived out of a set of emotional and experiential assessments of the brand.

The Brand Potential 360 model helps you quantify your competitive standing in the market and track it over time, to not just justify marketing ROI, but to also boost your competitive edge through a systematic, calibrated, data-driven decision-making.


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