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Traditional brand tracking approaches, based solely on primary research, cannot provide the texture, context, and deep insights that are needed to clearly understand the interplay between brand health metrics and technological changes, competitor moves and socio-cultural trends.

Our approach to brand tracking keeps quantitative primary research measurement system at the core of research methodology using our Brand Potential 360 Index, and augments it with other sources of data to realize a true 360-degree view of the market. Our approach is based on answering core business questions and providing actionable business insights, rather than just providing data and metrics in isolation.

Our 360-degree brand tracking system includes, but is not limited to:

  • In-depth qualitative interviews with customers in various channels
  • Detailed meta-analysis of syndicated reports and public domain articles, blogs, expert analysis, reviews, etc.
  • Close listening within social networks using proven monitoring tools such as Radian6, Sysomos, Alterian
  • Deep analysis of any relevant and available data that our clients can provide us, such as transactional data, call center records, or marketing/advertising spends
  • Capturing unstructured (text) data from various communication channels and converting it into structured, quantitative data for further analysis, our advanced solution UTAP (Unstructured Text Analytics Platform) helps automate the process
  • Observational and ethnographic research, where relevant
  • Mass personalization of brand image analysis on social media with PersonaTM, our advanced solution that identifies and tracks customer behavior and traits
  • Creating a 360-degree view of all available data, structured and unstructured, through LiNK, our specialized solution, that enables analysis of Big Data and data gathered from primary and secondary research

You will be able to benefit immensely since this system elevates brand tracking from being a "study providing brand health metrics" to a "strategic information asset that provides critical insights that help in improving brand management."

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