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Competition today is more intense, complex, and multi-dimensional than ever before. We offer a unique mix of domain, process and technology expertise for offline and online research to track competitor activities, strengths and strategies in near real-time to enable quick, data-driven decisions. Our value to you around competitive intelligence is based on three critical differentiators:

  1. A 360 Discovery approach - A 360 Discovery approach to competitive intelligence, which synthesizes information from multiple sources, such as company reports, syndicated and secondary data, data analytics, primary research, and digital and social media in order to provide a comprehensive view that goes beyond a basic competitor profiling and market share analysis.

  2. Continuous market and competitor tracking - Our team of experienced market and competitive intelligence analysts continually track marketplace developments and competitor activity. This enables us to generate specific deliverables that can address the needs of different stakeholders in your organization - ranging from convenient competitive alerts delivered in real-time to competitive deep dives. We leverage our strengths in data visualization to help you access and use the competitive intelligence analysis effectively.

  3. Minerva (Digital Competitive Intelligence Platform) - Based on real-time competitive intelligence covering all the four P's of Marketing - Product, Pricing, Placement and Promotions, this automated platform offers immense benefits to product managers, strategy heads and sales and marketing leaders to dynamically fine-tune marketing mixes for a sustained competitive advantage.

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