Pricing and Promotion Effectiveness

We can help you develop pricing/markdown optimization models and ensure promotional effectiveness considering internal data, competition and economic variables in accordance with your business requirements. These models help maximize revenues and ROI while optimizing various costs attributed to different channels.

By using Minerva, our advanced, automated platform, to capture market and competitive pricing information in real-time, we can help you measure pricing and promotion effectiveness for your products and services. This helps you answer critical questions about your market and customers such as:


  1. Are customers in certain geographies more price sensitive?
  2. What discounts should be offered to customers in different geographies?
  3. What are the price movements over the last year for comparable products?
  4. What are the different pricing strategies for different products and categories?

Promotion Effectiveness

  1. What typical product and category-based promotions were carried out in past?
  2. What are the best product promotions results based on timing?  (hour, day of week, month and seasonal)
  3. How does the time-scale performance of promotions vary against competition?

Synergist, our digital data classification platform, helps enhance the ROI from marketing and sales promotion campaigns by automating the classification of digital data across multiple campaigns, thereby significantly reducing manual effort, improving speed and accuracy of attribution and comparing success of campaigns objectively. This provides you with an opportunity for course correction while the campaigns are in progress creating a high level of responsiveness and agility in the process.

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