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We help you with data-driven insights to focus on enhancing overall revenue of the customer portfolio, improve your acquisition activities, cross-sell/up-sell efforts, and loyalty and retention programs to reduce churn.

Our integrated approach to customer acquisition and retention considers both macro- (service provider, vendor, and operator) and micro- (buyer, subscriber) level data. We analyze quantitative and qualitative data to provide you with insights to manage your customer portfolio for experience, revenue and profitability enhancement. We offer a cross-sell and up-sell model using segmentation-based or propensity modelling approaches.

We help organizations create and execute analytics-driven loyalty programs. These efforts can be done in conjunction with our attrition/churn management and portfolio management solutions. We follow varied analytical approaches to calculate the customer lifetime value based on historical data of customer portfolio.

Typically, this includes Churn Discovery, Churn Prediction and Survival Analysis, which ensures efficacy and accuracy. We deliver answers to your critical business questions around churn assessment, management and tracking to help you see a return on your investments or initiatives. Our three core offerings include Churn Discovery, Churn Models and Churn Dashboard. While Churn Discovery helps you identify macro factors driving churns, the Churn Models help to predict the propensity of churn at an individual customer level. The Churn Dashboard creates a holistic view of key metrics and overall health of customer portfolio from a churn perspective.

Our 360 Discovery approach helps you define a data-driven strategy to target and acquire new customers using historical customer acquisition patterns identified from data. This may include a risk analytics solution to ensure the right kinds of customers are included.

Based on the inputs received through this analysis, you are able to better manage your marketing and customer engagement programs thus maximizing your overall customer lifetime value.

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