• Understand your markets better
  • Real-time alignment with changing customer expectations
  • Mass personalize customer communication for better customer engagement
  • Dynamic customer segmentation for an agile marketing strategy
  • Improve customer retention and customer lifetime value

Customer Engagement

Effective customer engagement results in increased loyalty from satisfied customers and hence higher revenues and profitability for the organization. Understanding customer behavior, expectations and preferences in real-time is key to building better engagement with customers.

We facilitate improved customer engagement by enabling your decision makers with a holistic 360-degree view of customer data from various sources to provide you with a single view of the customer. This also allows you to establish customer lifetime value and focus your sales and marketing efforts on the most profitable customer segments.

Your customer data is typically spread across multiple touch-points or channels. We map your multi-channel or omni-channel customer interactions for enhancing collection of customer engagement and experiences data.

We connect customer data across various enterprise applications such as:

  • CRM data
  • Product level data
  • Customer service data

Besides the structured data available from the above sources, there is a vast amount of unstructured data in the form of text and speech captured as part of call center transcripts, email, SMS, chat and social intervention operations.

Our analysts conduct a holistic analysis of the structured and unstructured data to give you much better insights into the minds of your customers and align your organization better for higher customer loyalty.

View our recent webinar - "Understanding Customer Perceptions and Trends from Unstructured Data for Better Business decisions".

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Unstructured Text Analytics Platform (UTAP)


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