Customer Experience Management

Managing customer experience at every touchpoint is a key factor in the success of your customer acquisition, retention and advocacy strategy. Customer touchpoints have expanded greatly from the traditional at store, call center, and direct mail, to the virtual world of digital and social media. Customer-generated content in these new media forms has more credibility with other customers and prospects than traditional corporate marketing messages. It is important that your customers gain an experience that they value at every touchpoint.

We address the following customer experience management aspects:

  • Enhance the understanding of drivers of (dis)satisfaction and loyalty
  • Drive true understanding of the impact of various issues to assist in prioritization
  • Prioritize efforts driven by customer needs and requirements - not by organizational priorities
  • Close loop and rapid response model with dissatisfied customer (and sometimes with loyal customer)
  • Enhance the adoption and accountability within the organization
  • Use customer insights to define and prioritize experience requirements and opportunities for improvement
  • Use data-driven decision to enhance and improve the overall customer experience
  • Proactively identify support needs and enhance engagement and experience
  • Ability to course correct and reduce detractor groups

Our approach does have a component of traditional customer satisfaction surveys to establish a baseline, but goes beyond to tap into the unsaid feedback the customer leaves at various touchpoints.

We facilitate primary research that will help you better understand product/brand usage in the marketplace, or for your specific category, or understand the attitudes and perceptions that might affect consumer behavior within a category of interest. We then focus our measurement based on the following listening posts:

  • Qualitative deep dive to understand core needs and expectations
  • Quantitative study that measures product performance on key dimensions
  • Analysis of customer feedback from customer service contact points
  • Social media synthesis to capture customer conversations about products and competitors
  • Identification and analysis of digital bread crumbs and footprints that carry plenty of customer feedback not gathered from formal surveys


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