Customer Segmentation

The right customer segmentation strategy can help you align your efforts and spending to the most profitable and loyal customer segments in order to achieve improved sales and deepened customer relationships. Common segmentation needs and desires include:

  • Identifying and targeting select segments based on profitability and loyalty
  • Understanding the unique requirements of different target customer segments
  • Developing effective messaging, products and distribution channels based on the specific needs of a given segment
  • Reducing costs for customer retention and loyalty management what about enhancing retention etc.

Our unique 360 Discovery approach to segmentation includes both psychographic (attitudes, lifestyle) and behavioral (usage levels, benefits sought, brand loyalty) variables. We go beyond identifying consumers based on their demographic profile alone. We take into account what they think and how they feel. We create distinct consumer segments by grouping consumers with similar attitudes and opinions. Using behavior, perceptions, and lifestyle as profiling variables, we help you develop a deep knowledge of your segments and tailor strategies to address the needs of individual segments. Even more so, by leveraging our PersonaTM technology platform, we can help you achieve a more dynamic customer segmentation program that makes personalized, one-to-one marketing a reality, based on real-time acquisition of relevant data from the consumer's digital foot prints.

Beyond Segmentation

Often, customer segmentation exercises alone don't give you the complete picture you need for successful product development, including product usage, needs that drive the actual usage, and benefits sought.

Since this information can vary by occasion, we collect information on the hundreds, if not thousands, of usage occasions, associated needs and desired benefits. Then by using a variety of statistical techniques, we segment the usage occasions based on these situational needs. We utilize reputable analytical models to efficiently cluster groups of customers and prospects based on similarities and characteristics. The end result is a set of multi-dimensional and accurate views into your customers, and their perceptions and preferences for your products.

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