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On the road to digital transformation, no two companies look alike. Every business exists at a unique level of complexity and maturity, and falls along one of the many stages on the game changing data-to-insights continuum.

At Blueocean Market Intelligence, the approach to Digital Transformation consists of fluid, intuitive, business-centric processes combined with proprietary frameworks. Every consulting assignment leverages the Blueocean Digital Maturity Model and begins at the core of a business with its unique structure, context, requirements, challenges, and ambitions. With powerful integrated capabilities across people, process, blueprints, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and technology frameworks with deep understanding of the industry, Blueocean empowers business to envision the path to digital transformation goals with tangible milestones and stepping stones based on the organization's priorities and aspirations.



Industry veterans with a strong background in transforming businesses to digital orientation

Maturity Models

Blueocean's proprietary and industry-vetted digital maturity benchmarking framework


Standard Operating Practices and frameworks to speed outcomes


Industry Blueprints

Standard and updated best-of-breed approach and maps to avoid re-inventing the wheel

Business accelerators

Out-of-box tech solutions to solve immediate and low hanging priorities


Our Accelerators 

Consultants with in-depth understanding of analytics and industry

Industry frameworks and blueprints

Blueocean Digital Maturity Model

business impact 

  • Maximum impact of digital initiatives with speed, quality, and ROI
  • Migration to new age data platforms towards an efficient, agile, and easily manageable ecosystem
  • Strengthening and speeding of the organization's data consumption journey
  • Benchmarking of practices, data structures, and analytics maturity to charter a successful digital roadmap

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