Digital Engineering


The evolution of digital capabilities and customer orientation has introduced a wide variety of technologies within an organization. As marketers and technology teams collaborate to build an effective Marketing and Digital technology stack it is imperative that the ROI of these investments is maximized.

Blueocean Market Intelligence raises the value of these investments by enabling businesses with its Digital Engineering services. Whether a business is at the start of its analytics journey or has implemented advanced analytics platforms or a suite such as Adobe, Google, IBM, Oracle, Salesforce, or other Marketing Technology platforms, Digital Engineering ensures that the crucial data layer that connects data sources within the Analytics consoles are optimally designed to provide precise values and holistic perspectives to multiple stakeholders at point of need.


Data Modeling

Development of standard and unified data models

Data Layer Engineering

Defining data elements, optimizing each element including tags, developing flat data structures

Data Hygiene

Consistency in content and page design, custom data attributes, comprehensible variables, consistent naming convention, essential data restrictions

Customized Tag Implementation

Traditional implementation practice (client vs. server side) as well as use of Ensighten, Tealium, Google Tag Manager, and Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) service

Quality Assurance

Testing support to ensure quality of implementation based on preset benchmarks covering both legacy and modern implementation practices

Deployment Support

Smooth analytics implementation support, agile tagging process, managing steady state updates post deployment, critical documentation

Our Accelerators 

Synergist: Omnichannel campaign classification solution with out-of-box analytics platform integration

Tag Audit Platform: Automated and on-demand tag audit solutions

Complete website performance solution

Industry blueprints and best practices

business impact 

  • Improved ROI from the entire analytics setup and marketing tech stack
  • Business-led technology deployment vs. plain system integration
  • Best-of-breed and continuous benchmarking of integrations
  • Intelligent, future-ready technology investments

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