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In this current digital ecosystem, every online brand wants to facilitate a personalized experience to their end customers across multiple devices and channels but, the manner in which a customer experiences and perceives a product or service on a digital platform has become a significant factor. As the digital ecosystem is evolving year over year, organizations need to make sense of the vast amounts of data generated across these platforms in order to derive intelligence out of it, and with the help of analytics, figure out a way to monetize this intelligence.
At Blueocean, we have identified and implemented solutions that effectively overcome these challenges. As a part of our digital engineering suite, we offer actionable solutions like Customer Experience Management, Single Voice of Customer and Integrated Marketing Measurement. The foundation for all these solutions is a strong, robust and highly scalable proprietary data framework, which aggregates both structured and un-structured data from disparate online and offline data sources, and apply series of machine learning algorithms to mine this exponentially growing stream of data, and empower the decision makers with the most effective solutions to their problems.
Below mentioned are some of the core components of our digital engineering suite:

  • A strong integrated and proprietary data framework built on Hadoop and Apache Spark
  • A highly configurable data science layer with a unique blend of regression and classification algorithms
  • An actionable visualization layer with out-of-the-box vertical-focused data visualizations with strong story-telling
  • A stack of configurable solutions targeted to the CMO office to gauge the effectiveness of cross-channel initiatives, facilitate targeted content to the end consumers, and most importantly, enable a 360 degree view of the customer
  • A strong data governance layer to protect the quality and integrity of data
  • An army of seasoned consultants with exceptional digital background, and cross-industry skills to drive the entire engineering initiative end to end

To learn more about our digital engineering capabilities and how it fits in to your complex organizational structure, please contact us.

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Large US based PC vendor achieved better decision making from systematic capture, integration, analysis and presentation of data

Industry : Information Technology

Large telco achieved greater revenues by integrating and analyzing 500+ data points of 200+ million customers

Industry : Telecommunications

Large PC manufacturer achieved significant revenue growth by integrating omni-channel data for better insights

Industry : Information Technology

Helped a global technology vendor integrate data from multiple communication channels for more effective campaigns

Industry : Information Technology

Helped a technology company streamline digital data management for over 1000 marketing campaigns

Industry : Consumer Goods and Services

Global B2B and B2C technology vendor improved cross and up selling with unified digital customer view

Industry : Information Technology