Engagement Models

We offer the option of engaging with us through either of the following three engagement models

Project Based Initiatives

Whether its enabling analytics professionals to synthesize consumer, enterprise, digital or 3rd party structured/unstructured data, or helping a cross-enterprise CX team extract insights around a thorny customer journey challenge, our clients often use Blueocean consultants on a project-by-project basis to quickly overcome data and analytical hurdles standing in the way of valuable insights and ROI. These one-off initiatives often evolve into broader and deeper roadmaps, but clients can access our unique portfolio of technical and analytical skillsets on an as-needed basis.

Program Based Initiatives

Some clients recognize the need to "industrialize" insights that support a continuous stream of cost reduction, revenue optimization, or customer journey/satisfaction initiatives. They recognize that feeding the many demands for such insights across enterprise silos requires a partner like Blueocean who can provide dedicated FTEs on a retainer basis, both at the front-end for domain-based consulting, as well as for creating "right-shored", shared service-type environments for the many fungible skill-sets deployed in analytical initiatives.

COE Initiatives

For clients further up the analytics maturity curve, Blueocean has the skills to design complex Center of Excellence environments that take fragmented, siloed, client-side analytics processes and transform them into a hub-and-spoke operating model that leverages our global delivery footprint, standardizes processes and skill sets, reduces cost per insight, and drives scalability and innovation. We bring our process transformation skills and ability to tap a global talent pool together to create a turn-key environment that you can own and operate. If managing and nurturing such COEs is a challenge for you, Blueocean takes on multi-year managed services contracts where we become responsible for all aspects of these COEs.