Engagement Models

We offer the option of engaging with us through either of the following three engagement models

Dedicated, Managed Service Engagement

In order to increase the agility and value of your department, we provide dedicated resources to closely align with your business objectives. This model is most suitable for those who have a mix of regular and ad-hoc projects to be executed over an extended period and would like to institutionalize analytics within their organization.

xTenTM  teams can enable you to dramatically increase your focus on what truly matters to your organization.

We increase the agility and value of your department by extending your team with dedicated resources that are staffed to meet your requirements and to closely align with your business objectives. Our teams work in partnership with clients, handling day-to-day research and data-synthesis activities, thereby enabling our clients to focus on the factors that ultimately drive business success.

We have successfully operated extension teams for a wide array of Fortune 100 firms, delivering significant incremental value, at significant cost savings, and adding materially to our clients' capacity and capability.

Project-Based Model

This model is recommended for those with a defined business problem that must be solved within a specific time and budget. The scope is clearly defined and there is clarity on 'resource costs' and skill sets required for the delivery.

Build-Operate-Transform Model

This is a transformative engagement model through which we empower you to evolve your organization to be truly analytics-centric. We help you with the initial phase of a pure service engagement, followed by the streamlining of processes before bringing everything in-house - thereby mitigating risks of scalability and providing cost economies.