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Business organizations today operate in an intricate, buzzing framework of omnichannel customer interactions, with customer data streaming in from every interaction.

At Blueocean Market Intelligence, our Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Solution assimilates the vast fragmented customer data available within the organization using existing technology infrastructure to create a cohesive view of the customer experience across the customer journey and at each touch point, eliminate hurdles in their interactions with the business, and create a seamless, engaging, and enhanced digital customer experience.

With a combination of data, analytics, technology, practices, domain expertise, critical thinking approach, and roadmap to drive customer-centricity, our digital customer experience solution enables companies to:

Move from reactive to proactive customer engagement.

Make significant impact on measures like CSAT, CES, CCR, and NPS and reduce operational costs.

Create self-service customer interactions.

Upgrade your digital customer experience with the power of data and insights.


How a DCX Tech Stack Can Improve Your DCX Efficiency

on september 20, 2017 at 09.45 am

How does Lenovo drive an end to end DCX strategy by thinking about customer and their journey touch points and then defining an optimum Technology Stack. This session will give you a sneak peak to the outcomes of an effective DCX strategy at Lenovo.

Anees Merchant

Sr. Vice President

Ashish Braganza

Director for Global Business Intelligence


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