Hyper Personalization


Personalization done well benefits both business and consumers. It creates meaningful, satisfying experiences for consumers and drives higher ROI for business through increased conversion and customer lifetime value.

Blueocean Market Intelligence helps businesses achieve sophisticated levels of personalization with ease through Hyper Personalization offerings. We optimize first party data on an out-of-box Customer Data Platform with a combination of technology, people frameworks, next-generation Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, Our Solution helps business achieve the classic combination of right person, right offer, right time with flair using intelligent automation, real-time visibility, and customization.


Customer Data Platform

Engine to synthesize first party and other data to drive insights

Hypothesis Generation

The foundation of an effective analytics framework

Technology Expertise

The essential expertise in industry platforms and tools of the Personalization experience, every single nut and bolt in place

Personalization Orchestration

The integrated flourish of internal mechanisms, external agencies, creative elements, testing and Quality Assurance, and other elements of Personalization

Our Accelerators 

Net Optimization Score (NOS): Methodology to enhance measurement of the entire Personalization program

Customer Data Platform (CDP): Our out-of-box customer data platform solution configured for business needs

business impact 

  • Improved customer experience and brand value
  • Better business sustenance through easy Program ROI communication via NOS
  • Increased ROI from collective personalization initiatives
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Time savings dues to efficient automation
  • Sustainability through overall business efficiency

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