The ever-evolving retail space poses major challenges as it attempts to enhance shopper's experience, optimize inventory and merchandising, enable omni-channel experience, online store operations and capitalize on opportunities to make better decisions. Blueocean Market Intelligence has designed our retail / eTail solutions specifically to account for these challenges.

We can help you answer the following business questions:

  • How do I increase the footfall of customers in a retail store by acquiring new customers as well as ensuring repeat purchase from existing customers?
  • Do I understand the purchasing pattern of a shopper in my retail outlet and map the consumer journey?
  • How can I increase the size of the purchase basket of customers and also understand the combination of the products purchased?
  • What are the key customer segments based on their purchase pattern and other key parameters?
  • Can I scientifically develop in-store pricing and merchandising strategies for maximizing volume and sales value?
  • Can I present a true omni-channel experience to my consumer? What are the most preferred channels for different type of consumer segments?
  • How can I understand my customers better in order to increase their lifetime value (CLV)?
  • How can I get shopper insights to understand what kind of products my customers are buying together, and how can I use this information for my store layout?
  • How can I improve the channel efficiency? What kind of channel would a customer respond to during campaigning?
  • How can I make better forecasts of the demand on the SKU/Product Group level?
  • Are my inventory levels optimized to meet the stated service levels and how should I handle seasonal demand?
  • How does my online channels impact by in-store experience / behavior?
  • What online optimizations activities do I need to undertake to improve my online spend?
  • How do I leverage new media channels to drive more brand recognition and enhance my brand presence?
  • How do I keep my customers engaged on my store front (online and offline) and get more conversion?
  • How do I effectively measure my digital content consumption and sales correlation?
  • How do I make the path to purchase more effective and easy for my end consumer?
Industry: Retail overview

Assisted a B2B retailer to create product bundles and develop pricing strategies so as to increase the revenue through upsell /cross-sell

Service : Analytics Center of Excellence

Retail E-commerce - market opportunity assessment for client's App Store

Service : Market Intelligence

Helped a B2B Retailer analyze potential customers at street level to increase sales conversion ratio

Service : Market Intelligence

Using personalized campaigns to increase revenue and profitability

Service : Analytics Center of Excellence

Fortune 500 retailer achieved responsive marketing mix and adaptive inventory management through digital analytics

Service : Marketing Effectiveness

Leveraging a Balanced Scorecard for Performance Analysis

Service : Market Intelligence