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    Manage and integrate all your research data assets efficiently and in a consistent way

    Linking data across multiple studies and between different sources has never been easier. Research data can be put to work for a client’s business with an easy to manage yet powerful system that integrates data assets together.   

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    Build beautiful dashboards, table banners and share with your organization or customers

    Studio allows you to explore the data in Link. Easy to use drag and drop features make it a joy to work with whilst deep analytic and business logic capabilities allow you to create the most sophisticated deliverables your business requires.   

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    Custom services designed to adapt Link to your program or environment

    Our summary/storytelling dashboards. Allowing controlled access to information from Link in a visually appealing and interactive way, helping to democratize the use of research data within your business.   

  • Benefits

  • Superfast tools and API’s for maximum flexibility

  • Replaces a myriad of other services based solutions with a robust, scalable technology suite

  • A modular, scalable foundation for managing research data as part of an overall information strategy

  • Use industry standard BI tools and proprietary software specialist MR tools

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