• The cloud platform for your research data

  • Link easily integrates all of the past and present research data from different data streams into a single source of insights, which is most conducive for detailed analysis. It works with all the major data formats such as SPSS, Triple-S, Excel, CSV, ASCII and much more.

    Link system automatically learns common variables and categories across multiple studies and normalizes them to create analysis friendly reports. It also enables to create grids automatically upon data import.

  • Auto-Linking process is much quicker, more accurate and it eliminates most of the tedious process of traditional data cleaning, processing, and checking. By reducing production time and costs through automation, you can increase speed of insights delivery with higher quality.

    Link allows users to seamlessly import new data into one place. Reports and dashboards will automatically refresh themselves with each new wave of data, allowing the user to access real-time information with the click of a button.

    By defining hierarchy, you can retain access control on data, where you can decide who can view, modify and utilise the data. Modeller interface inherently reads & manages the respondent level data with no need to pre-aggregate any numbers, since Link enables you to create the necessary NET variables on the fly.

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