The cloud based platform for market research data

The LINK Platform started seven years back with the idea of making research simple and reliable. Initially, the platform was sought by the CPG companies only, but over the last two years, companies and agencies from across all industries are showing interest in LINK. There is a growing surge in demand for this platform, making it the BI tool of choice for many enterprises. The best thing about LINK is it does not provide only the technology but also the services to use those technologies.

A Foundation for Industrial Transformation

Link empowers organizations to make sense of research data and get answers to business questions

Easily blend Data

Link makes it easy for users to connect and blend data from multiple sources, including SPSS, SAS, Triple S and Excel, for fast and easy analysis. In addition to working with the respondent level data, it also integrates multiple data streams such as syndicated data, Social media data, ad-hoc studies, etc.

Automated Workflow

Link automatically learns common variables and categories across multiple studies and brings them into a single format that is most conducive for analysis. It also helps to create grids automatically upon data import. By reducing production time and costs through automation users can achieve assured ROI.

Powerful Visualization

An extensive library of visualizations and an intuitive point and click interface makes it easy for users to build data discovery dashboards. Users can quickly visualize data with out-of-the-box grids, graphs, charts, and maps. If that's not enough, it's easy to extend the visualization library to incorporate new third-party visualizations from PowerBI, Tableau and Spotfire.


Link allows teams to collaboratively work to perform data analysis and also provides a safe and encrypted way to publish crosstabs, charts, dashboards, and reports to share with colleagues, clients around the globe. Library allows users to access, rename, save and share their reports & dashboards, It generates URLs for saved reports, to facilitate sharing and collaboration among both users and non-users of the Link platform

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