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With deep rooted experience in natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning techniques, our team of data scientists and machine learning specialists have developed consumer-centric business solutions. These are aimed at providing you with access to advanced analytics techniques to help extract the best from available time and resources, and also achieve operational efficiency.


Our key differentiator is our Unstructured Text Analytics Platform (UTAP), built using our years of experience in unstructured data analytics, and optimizing machine learning problems.

UTAP provides you with a scalable and economical model to utilize text data from contact centers, feedback pages, blogs, emails, survey forms, and other customer interactions for driving business benefits such as:


  • Understanding customer perception based on sentiment analysis and semantic orientation
  • Identifying key themes of discussion, and how certain aspects of business are rated (by the business)
  • Improving the customer servicing model by appropriately capturing the nuances of customer chats with contact centers
  • Quick and accurate categorizing of customer data that leads to a better understanding, and forecasting of customer complaints, critical issues and business challenges
  • Identifying and detecting fraud in financial statements and insurance claims


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Gained customer experience insights captured in customer conversations

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