• Enhance effectiveness of your marketing programs
  • Track and justify marketing ROI more accurately
  • Drive product innovation for competitive differentiation
  • Sharpen your pricing, promotion and market placement strategy

Marketing Effectiveness

Marketing effectively to customers surrounded by a cacophony of promotional communication through various offline and online channels is a daunting challenge. The customer's attention - a scarce and valuable asset is becoming more difficult to attract and retain through all this communication fatigue.

Only the most relevant, personalized, timely and easy-to-comprehend communication engages the customer's attention successfully.

Marketing leaders have to constantly demonstrate their effectiveness in ensuring visibility with the right positioning among the most profitable customer segments and in creating high probability sales opportunities for the organization and hence reducing cost of sales.

Our portfolio of services, solutions and technology platforms can help you measure the performance of your marketing initiatives accurately, enhance the effectiveness of your marketing mix and deliver better marketing ROI.


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Digital analytics platform implementation consulting for a leading BFSI brand

Industry : Insurance

Measure product reviews and ratings for a leading mobile manufacturer in India

Industry : Consumer Goods and Services

Set up a digital analytics hub for a leading BFSI company

Industry : Insurance

Large US telco improved effectiveness of offline and online communication channels for customer insights through digital analytics

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US-based technology vendor improved ROI from advertising spends through systematic data capture and analytics

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Global PC vendor improved marketing ROI with incremental revenues by integrating disparate data sources for single view

Industry : Information Technology

Global PC vendor simplified 80,000+ digital pages through automated tag management solution

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Leading retailer achieved responsive marketing mix and adaptive inventory management through digital analytics

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PC manufacturer simplified tracking of channel performance for campaigns and improved accuracy of attribution across channels

Industry : Information Technology

Leading technology vendor improved customer satisfaction through better alignment of sales and delivery channels with customer preferences

Industry : Information Technology

Large PC manufacturer improved quality and speed of decision making by setting up an digital analytics hub

Industry : Information Technology

Fortune 500 retailer achieved responsive marketing mix and adaptive inventory management through digital analytics

Industry : Retail

Fortune 10 digital advertising and analytics company achieved higher visibility among target segments through digital analytics

Industry : Others

Large American insurance company enhanced online sales and ROI attribution using digital analytics

Industry : Insurance

High-tech cloud solutions provider enhanced campaign effectiveness and ROI tracking with specialized analytics extension team

Industry : Information Technology

Real Estate Giant Used Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy to Drive Brand Visibility and Revenue Growth

Industry : Others