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The traditional 4Ps (Product, Price, Placement, Promotion) remain the cornerstones of marketing, even in today's "eCommerce" and "mCommerce" worlds. However, business velocity has accelerated significantly with the advent of the disruptive SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) technologies.

Messages and opinions about a product or service get shared at "Twitter Speed," competitive comparisons of your offerings happen at a tap on a touch screen, and your customers are much better informed today about the pros and cons of your offerings in a pervasive, "Google-ized" information access.

Blueocean Market Intelligence offers you the products, platforms, services and solutions you need to harness the power of SMAC technologies effectively to your advantage to enable proactivity, responsiveness and agility in your marketing mix planning and execution.


We help you enhance the effectiveness of your marketing mix through a portfolio of offerings designed to help you make informed, data-driven decisions:

Minerva, our digital competitive intelligence platform, provides you with real-time digital information on your competitor's market moves relating to Products, Pricing, Placement and Promotion. This gives you an edge over your competition since you can respond fast with a better, more competitive offering to protect your customer base and potentially capture competitive turf.

Synergist, our digital campaign data management platform, empowers you with information to allocate your marketing budget more effectively to campaigns with higher ROI. It automates the tedious, manual intense effort, spreadsheet constrained and error prone task of classifying and analyzing data from multiple marketing and sales promotion campaigns. This releases your attention for the more important task of using the insights provided by Synergist towards the accurate attribution of campaigns and ultimately a better and numerically justifiable ROI.

Our team helps you optimize your marketing data management by implementing optimal processes and technologies for speed, accuracy, security and flexibility. Interactive dashboards provide you with a 360-degree visualization of your marketing data and allows for statistical simulation of scenarios that you can test before implementing, helping you justify investments objectively.

The overall goal of analytics in this context is to optimize budgets, create marketing and pricing strategies, manage multi-channel strategies and increase ROI from marketing investments.

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