Minerva is now officially a “SCIP Endorsed Product” and has received the Blue SCIP Endorsement Seal indicating that the product meets a set of standards required for quality decision support utilizing integrated competitive intelligence methodologies, frameworks and IT based platform tools to aid decision makers in their efforts to gain competitive industry insights and advantage for their organizations. For over thirty years, the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) have defined new levels of professionalism through it’s conferences, educational offerings, product offerings, educational certificates and certifications. The “SCIP Endorsement Program” is their latest addition to the SCIP portfolio. Our product “Minerva” has achieved that endorsement via a rigorous evaluation process called the “SCIP Solutions Provider evalQuad™ Assessment Program” Completing this rigorous evaluation process and gaining endorsement means that our product meets specific criteria based on requirements of IT based decision tools available in industry and adequately fulfills aspects of the following in the product;

  • Validates and informs corporate knowledge & expertise
  • Demonstrates innovative intelligence professional commitment & achievement within the industry
  • Enhances decision making and credibility of practitioners

The SCIP Endorsement further provides us with;

  • Recognition As the premier industry endorsement, SCIP endorsed providers and products distinguish holders as organizations who have demonstrated a high level of experience, skill and knowledge.
  • Competitive Advantage The designation conveys credibility to an organizations expertise and products, both within their specific industry and in the greater integrated intelligence community, academia and beyond.
  • Commitment Successful completion of the endorsement process conveys that our product meets or exceeds the standards as set forth by the association and its membership via the Body of Knowledge (SCIP BOK 2.0).

Minerva is a complete digital competitive intelligence solution that focuses on providing near to real time competitive details on tactical and strategic moves. Minerva provides detailed insights into the competitive landscape by combining data from multiple sources to give a true picture of the 4P strategy and deployment aspect for competitors. It is a win-win across business functions and addresses the need for synthesized, 360 views of competitive strategies in a timely manner that can drive effective business decisions.

Minerva is a SCIP “Endorsed” product. Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals SCIP, is the non-profit Association representing the Integrated Intelligence industry internationally for over 32 years. www.scip.org


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