Organizations today still face challenges when trying to identify, tap into and influence digital customers around their products and services. Traditional customer segmentation exercises are typically inward-facing and don't lead to the appropriate return. In spite of mountains of data, a more transparent customer, and large investments to create digital personas and profiles of the targeted customer set, actual customer behavior and need sets are mostly shrouded in a mystery.

Blueocean Market Intelligence has created a proprietary "Digital Persona and Insights Solution" that enhances an organization's current customer segmentation or can be used to conduct an independent digital customer segmentation exercise. This solution provides insights around customers spending habits, purchase patterns, past behavior and purchases, recent and historical interaction with product categories, etc.  It tracks and understands  digital attributes, digital body language, up and downstream click data, sales funnel position and device preferences are important considerations for effectively identifying and building digital personas.

Using PersonaTM, Blueocean Market Intelligence's technology platform to capture Big Data effectively, we are able to empower global marketing teams to get closer to one-on-one marketing by delivering the right content to the right person, at the best time on the preferred channel.


  • Near to real-time insights from social media of an individual (customer or prospect)
  • Ability to integrate organization customer segments and other behavioral data
  • Showcases direct conversations with the Brand and User to understand previous context
  • Identifies Power Users and separates the potential advocates from the noise
  • Sort and filters by different measurable criteria to obtain relevant results
  • Automated platform that produces a 360 degree view of the customers for accurate and actionable insights