Primary Market Research


When the primary market research process is backed by intelligent digital technologies the outcomes are richer, turnaround time shorter, and program costs lower.

At Blueocean Market Intelligence, Primary Market Research teams combine expertise across advanced research techniques, data science, analytics, and business vertical specific solutions. Equipped with the latest technology platforms and global best practices, our teams empower businesses with speedy, high quality insights from primary research. Blueocean analysts enhance the quality of insights with supplementary study of news, industry, and social media intelligence to establish the research hypothesis and validate the findings of field research.


360 degree approach integrating primary market research with other data sources for more rounded insights

Multidimensional teams with skills not just in primary market research but also in advanced analytics, business research, and social media intelligence

Global best practices and best-in-class research panel partners


Rapid scalability of research operations to take on multi-country programs

Ability to execute research studies in days rather than weeks or months


Our Accelerators 

Link - an AI driven, multi-layered system that helps integrate, analyze, and report insights from research data. It enables Insights teams to focus on what's most important - delivering business impact through insights and efficient practices

business impact 

  • Improved decision making through sharper, faster insights
  • Rapid scalability of research operations
  • Improved efficiency and ROI of primary research


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