Product Innovation Support

We help you through the organization's entire product innovation cycle, enabling smart decisions for optimized innovation to boost the business sales/profits.

We offer your product innovation teams the opportunity to leverage insights from in-depth qualitative discussions with end-users, buyers and influencers along with digital insights drawn from similar market stakeholders. We do this through digital analytics of inputs from social media, call center records, email communication, blogs and similar sources across multiple customer touchpoints.

A combination of responses to systematic, planned qualitative discussions with spontaneous expression on digital media offers powerful insights. these insights not just into the expressed needs for product or service innovation, but also unmet, unexpressed and often even unidentified needs, that help build strong product and service differentiators for a sustainable competitive advantage.

We have successfully assisted some of the world's largest technology brands with extensive product innovation support to help them achieve the following business impact:

  • Formulated bundling strategies for the innovative products by identifying products whose sales were impacted the most
  • Identified segments that responded well to the introduction of the new products and suggested measures to boost sales
  • Ensured consistent profits/ROI after launching innovative products in the market
  • Prepared a competitive analysis between new products and ones that are already existing in the market
  • Created dynamic sales dashboards to ensure a strong performance check throughout the innovative product lifecycle

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