Digital Data Classification Platform

Marketing, sales and product managers are faced with the challenge of managing continuous streams of data from the multiple marketing and sales promotion campaigns running across many locations and channels for their products and services. Often done manually, this involves huge effort, takes a long time and presents challenges with accuracy of attribution.

It is a daunting task to ensure a proper classification of this data and assure accuracy of success attribution to the various channels and campaigns involved, to arrive at a true Marketing ROI.

Synergist - our Digital Data Classification Platform - helps you address these challenges effectively

  • Simplify digital data management across multiple data sources, like campaign data from simultaneous campaigns targeting multiple customer segments
  • Enable high accuracy of data attribution across multiple data sources - like attribution of success across multiple sales and marketing campaigns
  • Single, unified dashboard for better decision-making
  • Reduce manual effort, hence enhance speed, scalability, security, quality and reliability of the process of managing complex digital data sources
  • Interoperable and compatible with your existing IT investments, adding further value to these

Features That Simplify Your Campaign Data Management

  • Automated upload of all campaign metadata at Campaign ID level to enable campaign tracking across different channels and properties
  • Automated upload of classified information into Adobe Marketing Cloud or Google Analytics platforms
  • Compatible with any platform level attribution model
  • Provides complete 360o view of campaign performance with accurate conversion and traffic metric reporting at each campaign ID level with minimal manual intervention
  • Has in-built data connectors and APIs - which can connect campaign metadata to clients internal systems or any external database

To know more about how Synergist can help you simplify your Digital Data Classification, schedule a demo today.