Unstructured Data Analytics

Large volumes of unstructured data are generated willingly by your customers through social media sites, user forums, contact center agent logs, email, chat, etc. You can use insights generated from these data sources to understand user requirements and also evaluate ongoing customer experience and sentiments. These insights can also be used to identify business opportunities and product/services improvement areas. Our unstructured data analytics solutions help you to extract incremental insights and achieve scalability in the classification of unstructured data.

Our full set of offerings in text analytics include:

  • Text Classification
    • Track customer categories /issues over a stipulated period of time
    • Identify categories that are popular among customers based on votes/likes/comments
  • Survey Analytics
    • Gain insights about customer perception of the brand and products through text mining of open ended comments
    • Provides a consolidated 360 degree view of customer information, reduced data gathering and collation effort
    • Establish entity relationships through sentiment analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
    • Differentiate between the positive and negative comments,
    • Understand the locations/people/reasons responsible for the sentiment
    • Calculate NPS by grouping tweets on the basis of polarity
  • Digital Research
    • Extract Key phrases and sentences and produce a consumable snapshot of your text
    • Improve operational efficiency, as you can browse numerous articles in minimum time
  • Brand Monitoring
    • Identify "groups" of benefits, and values on which the product and service is perceived
    • Evaluate content management strategy
    • Analyze customer service executives based on analysis of calls and initiate improvement programs
  • Semantic Advertising
    • Hashtag suggestions
    • Improve CTR's through contextualised ads
    • Eliminate the risk of your ad showing up on the wrong webpage

We have integrated our expertise in unstructured text analytics into an automated platform UTAP (Unstructured Text Analytics Platform). This is an innovative, user-friendly text analytics platform that enables you to achieve efficiency in cost and turnaround time in extracting valuable insights from unstructured text data.

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