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LiNK Platform: The complete Market Research intelligence platform

16th November 2016

Is your data integration platform flexible enough to ingest any and all kinds of data and also validate them? Does your BI tool help connect ideas easily across multiple studies? Can you integrate your data feed with third party BI tools without escalating cost? Can you report survey data along with other data types? If your answer to even one of the questions mentioned above is "NO", then you must watch this web series on Blueocean MI LINK Platform to help you find a solution.

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LiNK Platform: Business Intelligence
2nd December 2016

LiNK BI is different from other platforms in the market. It allows you to create a database using the LiNK platform, perform complex research using LiNK Studio, and enables you to visualize data using your favorite BI tool of choice.

LiNK Platform: Studio
2nd December 2016

Studio is where the data gathered in the LiNK platform is put to work. Studio provides an overview of the available data so that you can select a study or a combination of studies, or a study and some associated data. From this selection stream, you can build up different sets of data

LiNK Platform: Architect
2nd December 2016

Architect is the root of the LiNK system. It takes all of your research data and normalizes it into a single platform and database. With Architect you can do anything with your research data and also merge in other types of data to run a comprehensive research project.

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